Avenue 22 Events

Inspire success and drive results through

dynamic experiences.


Our Philosophy

Avenue 22 Events is here to deliver dynamic events for you. We’re obsessed with creating rich, seamless experiences where people and organizations can share resources and gain the skills they need for success. We’ll partner with you, to ensure your vision becomes reality. No task or detail is too small. Any and all phases of planning and execution makes us giddy. Seeking someone to build you a budget spreadsheet, manage your documents, or track tasks? We got it. Or perhaps you need an organizer who can quickly adapt to your already established processes and tools and execute on your vision. We’ve got that, too. In fact, we excel at it. With a strong background in consulting and project management, we offer expertise that uniquely pairs business acumen and detail orientation. We can see the big picture and understand how best to promote your brand or cause while getting tactical with the finest details of your event. Our clients benefit from the ease of working with us and achieve events that people will return to year after year.


Karen Thornton brings a distinctive and comprehensive skill set to event planning and management. Her background in experience design and business consulting and her ability to execute on detailed logistics help ensure satisfying, meaningful events. Karen deeply understands how to develop engaging programs and invests the effort to ensure that all the event details are in place. From visioning and honing objectives to budget management and marketing to selecting the venue and securing vendors, Karen confidently, competently does it all.

We’re passionate about creating rich, seamless interactions where people and organizations can share resources and gain the skills they need for success.
— Avenue 22 Events
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Avenue 22 Events produces conferences on a regional, national, or global scale - and we travel as needed. We create unique, interactive experiences that enrich learning and amplifies value for attendees and host organizations alike. Our 15 years of knowhow ensures that every conference is exceptional.


Corporate Events

We provide the space and environment for your organization to hone its strategy. Whether a board or leadership retreat, networking event, appreciation event for clients or employees, our events heighten connections and collaboration.



We’re also happy to consult. Perhaps you need help organizing and prepping speakers, managing your budget, marketing or otherwise communicating your event, or designing a presentation. Enlist us on an as-needed basis to ease event planning and ensure that your vision comes to fruition. Additionally, Avenue 22 Events can make money for your organization by securing sponsors and coordinating ticket sales – or consulting with you to make sure you optimize those activities. Our events are often revenue drivers and a host organization’s primary source of yearly income.